Located in the beautiful Western Sandhills of Nebraska, we raise Ranching Heritage Quarter horses for the arena, ranch & pleasure.




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We started with three mares that were granddaughters of "Happy Hancock". These mares were pretty-headed and had fantstic minds that they passed on to their colts. In 1988 we purchased  "Bar Heels Jack", a "Three Bars" grandson. His colts had an excellent mind and a willingness to please that was a pleasure to work with. Most of our repeat customers on "Jacks" colts returned because of their solid minds and ease of training. In 1994, we found and purchased "Roan Ambrose", a "Blue Valentine" son, to add a stronger "Hancock" base. This proved to produce extremely keen-headed, sharp-minded, broody daughters. Our mares have produced several outstanding individuals that are standing at stud in several states. Our horses are not pampered in any degree. Colts are weaned and put on a grain mix and free choice hay from October thru March. When we have grass usually that following April, they are turned out and don't see much grain again until they are brought back in and broke to ride. We start colts using a pressure/release concept, but spend very little time in a round pen. Most of their miles are put on in the pasture or calving lot. We try hard to get the colts to local brandings and drag calves to the fire on them. There is nothing like a branding fire, or pot, and kids wrestling to get young horses quiet and listening to you. Most of the time we spend on colts is covering miles and working cattle up an alley.


Just like any ranch, your children become your best clients! Each of our boys started their local and 4-H showing careers with a colt that we have raised.  Throughout the years our boys have continued to ride and help out with the new foal crop.


Times have changed, but our desire to create the ultimate ranch horse has not. Our oldest son, Stetson, works with us in our horse program. We strive to produce a horse that is cowy, and gentle, but has a heart that will go for miles, and can be used on a daily basis. These horses are used consistently and are hand picked. Stetson and Jecca use these horses to help calve out, and for daily ranch work. Our 3 and 4 year olds have a lot of miles under them by sale day. We use them, turn them out for a month or two, and get back on them expecting no problems.



In 2003 we started a bi-annual production sale with Lance Most of Ogallala, Nebraska and the Mike St. Clair family of Kahoka, MO.  Lance and Mike both have a wonderful set of mares and great individuals as studs to put on them.   Lance and I both agree that if a horse can't move right, or wears you out to be on them all day, then it's not worth breeding them.  A horse is a pleasure to ride if they're not pounding the ground.  "SNW Heavens King" colts flow in their movement and are truly a pleasure to ride.  We have shown in Working Ranch Horse classes for several years with good success.   In 2013 Jecca started a successful show career with BOXO Heavens Blue, aka “Burnt”. They finished 6th in the AQHA World Show in Cow Horse Boxing in 2015 and won the AQHA Ranch Riding Class at the 2016 Fort Worth Stock Show in the Amateur Division and The Ranch Heritage Classes.  The pair also competed in the AQHA Novice Cattle Championships in April of 2015 winning a saddle in the All-Around Select Amateur Classes.  We recently purchased “Opus Cat Olena” a ‘WR This Cats Smart’ son from the Waggonhound program.  We are excited to see his progress with Matt Koch of Koch Cowhorses.


2004 Bay Stud
Opus Cat Olena
2014 Sorrel Stud
Opus Cat Olena  - $1,250
Consideration is given to proven or multiple mares. 
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Handling the Frozen Semen ONLY. 
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